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Private enterprise "Damar" was founded in 2008 as a universal commercial unit with a view to provide integrated solution for realization of products manufactured in the group of companies. Owing to professional and experienced management team, our company can satisfy and fulfill packaging product needs of any consumer as a producer of high-quality products and reliable packing materials.

We provide not only corrugated boxes, corrugated cardboard, cardboard trays, cardboard edge protectors and cores, tape and stretch film but also suggest ways of their successful combination for maximum output and efficiency. The company "Damar" seeks to improve the environmental situation in Ukraine through the collection, processing and recycling of waste materials that can be used as secondary raw materials on the enterprises.

Focusing on customer needs and secondary raw materials collection (film, stretch film waste paper) enables us to optimize the logistics of packaging materials delivery and thereby ensures high efficiency of the process.

Our company has established a system for collecting and purchasing of secondary packaging materials and scrap paper remaining after all production processes. This "closed cycle" not only reduces the cost of our products, but also solves the problem of recycling of the waste that remains after all operating processes of our customers.

A well-organized system of secondary packaging materials and waste paper collection and purchase allowed us to partially provide our own production with raw materials and supply it to other companies - consumers of such products. As our group of companies focuses on the environment, we hope that the collection of waste paper will save environment. We get cardboard products from wood, which in future can be successfully recycled for reuse.

 So, today, it allows us and our partners to say that we care about the environment and have a responsible attitude to environmental conditions in our planet.


Bilasyk Sergiy



+38 (050) 438 52 10


Koryashnov Oleksiy

commercial director


+38 (050) 437 41 37


Zubkevych Oleg

регіональний менеджер


+38 (095) 132 86 00


Shnaider Andriy

менеджер зі збуту


+38 (050) 436 50 60


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